I’ll start by saying that I have neither medical training nor a license to practice medicine. I’m just an average guy that suffered from a common elbow ailment that affects millions of people every single day. I simply made the choice not to sit around and wait.

I want to help you and your sore elbow(s) get better. If you follow along through the articles herein, I hope you’ll find something useful that might get you on the road to recovery a little bit faster.

You’ll be able to read lots of commentary and solid advice from industry experts. These are highly qualified individuals who know and practice what they’re talking about.

There is info aplenty of things you can do at home or in your spare time that will help you on your journey tremendously. And lots of information on how to prevent it from occurring in the first place!



I’m in my early 40s and know all about elbow pain. I lived with it for 6 months before I did ANYTHING about it!

I thought it would just get better over time. I thought I just pulled something. But nope, that sharp nagging pain in my right elbow reached the point where shaking hands or turning a doorknob really hurt!

As a casual weightlifter, elbow tendonitis was a deal breaker. It essentially brought my upper body workouts to a screeching halt. That sucked! I had to find a way to get around this because I wasn’t about to wait a year for it to heal.

The solution: Exercising the problem areas in my elbows rapidly increased the healing process. In about eight weeks I was 99% pain free and able to hit the weights again! Could you achieve the same or better results? I can’t answer that question because every body is different



When a car isn’t running tip top, chances are, it needs to be serviced. Maybe a trip to the shop is in order. Or perhaps it’s something simple and can be fixed at home. Whatever the case, it’s a BAD idea to wait until the engine blows up and THEN take it to the shop!

Elbows are the same way. Those sharp nagging pains that won’t go away demand immediate attention. Maybe that sore elbow just needs some rest and ice. Perhaps the tendon is aggravated and some home rehab will do the trick. The worst case scenario is that the tendon is severely injured and surgery would be required.

The best way to find out is to see your doctor, and get a professional opinion. As long as it’s a mild injury, most elbow ailments can be treated and cured at home.

So follow along and get an Elbow Tune-up!

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